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  • Planets Package
  • Planets Package
  • Planets Package
  • Planets Package
  • Planets Package

Planets Package

900.00 - 3,000.00
License all clips of Planets category worth 12 Min.

Included clips are:
1. Earth: A Blue Marble in Space (1 Min)
2. Planet Mercury (1 Min)
3. Planet Venus (1 Min)
4. Planet Earth (1 Min)
5. Eclipsing Earth (30 Sec)
6. Mars and Moons (20 Sec)
7. Jupiter Storms (1 Min)
8. Planet Saturn (1 Min)
9. Saturn Rings (30 Sec)
10. Planet Uranus (1 Min)
11. Planet Neptune (1 Min)
12. Birth of a Planet (1 Min)

Video preview links are available on Planet category.

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Terms & Conditions
Online orders are eligible for 3 YEAR COMMERCIAL LICENSE for Single Dome Screening.

User have the rights to run the film unlimited number of times in their Portable / Fixed Dome theatre for commercial screening during the active license period.

Screening of the shows is granted only to the user’s own Dome theatre.
Show public screening (paid or non-paid) anywhere except for user’s dome theatre is not allowed.

The shows or any part of the shows cannot be re distributed to any person or institute in any format.

Editing of the shows are not allowed except for the re-dubbing in local language.

All the shows are produced by Aayushi FullDome Films and its reference should not be removed from the credit list and from other marketing materials while screening the show.

Agreement and Licensing copy will be provided along with Films material via Online delivery method.