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Lovingly, Creatively, Passionately....



Our work is inspired by the same muse, that inspired brilliant minds like Galileo, Einstein, Carl Sagan or the Common Cavemen who stargazed!





We create Full-Dome Films, Short Films and Fish-eye Content for Dome Theaters, Science Centers, Planetariums & Museums.


Our features contain Sense of Humor, Awesome CG with a little Science.

Did we mention the astounding music we use in our features...


Without blabbering too much about us....we ensure edutainment for audience of all ages.


'D' Process











Some Flibbertigibbet (gossip) About Us


As long as we remember, we loved Stars too fondly.....

Besides Animation was an addendum to our list of Passion ;)

So when the night time didn't felt just enough for Stargazing, we started creating Stars for the Daytime.....

P.S. You need a Dome to see that...


With no visions no business plans, we started in 2003. And recently turned 11.

After gaining enough experience &  providing animations services to almost all the fields ....

....we finally decided to jump down into Production....

So far we've made handful of films.

Some for others, some for Us!!


Some of ours are just few Scrolls Away....

So Go ahead .... Take a Peek!!




  • Handpick concepts
  • Dig even deeper
  • Authenticate from Super Brainiac Friends




  • Wrap up a nice story
  • Story Boards
  • Scripts
  • & other Geeky Stuff


  • Handful Super-Computers at work!
  • Post Process it.
  • Add Music &VOILA


  • Launch the Film
  • Market it
  • Wait for people to buy it ;)
  • Deliver it (FTP or DHL)

Full Dome Films













gradually growing

Content Library....


Time to time we develop short clips for fun.

These clips are small and contains less data in them.

But Say....

If your DNA of the Show is missing some chunks of information, they can totally fill the Gap!


And if you don't find relevant clip for your use, just drop us a word here:


We'll try to make it ASAP!!!



We tried fitting all content here. But it's little too much for one page website.

Please click the button to surf our content library:




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