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Another evening with young Stargazers!

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Every now and then we organise a Stargazing night for kids.

Let it be the ‘Super moon’ or the ‘opposition of Jupiter’, any chance we get to let the young minds gaze on skies that inspired our ancestors and still continue to inspire us.

This year our daughter’s school slumber party was an amazing occasion for it.

Dance and Party, Under the stars story telling followed by a close-up at Moon’s craters was an awesome start to the sleepover.

In addition we helped school plan on getting a Portable Planetarium. There was no stopping to the skyrocketing excitement that followed.

These young minds are the future ‘Thinker’s’ and 'Tinker’s’! Yesterday night those tiny brain cogs were turning faster that any of us. The vastness of universe matched the extent of their curiosity.

It’s an amazing expanse of Universe full of Planets, Stars, Clusters, Nebulas and Galaxies, Still within the reach as simple as just looking up!

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