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We always aspire to make learning about the solar system fun!

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Knowing our Solar System is an important part of every kids’s education.
It helps kids appreciate our planet Earth. Motivating them to preserve and respect our natural resources.

One of the ideal ways to get kids interested in the solar system is by showing them films. It can be difficult to make the solar system interesting just by conversation. But showing videos and documentaries can make Planetology come alive.

With regard to documentaries, we’d like to present our new full-dome show -
‘Incredible Introduction to the Solar System - for Juniors’

If the documentary is too serious for students to process, they might loose interest. Thus we’ve come up with very special motion graphics way to lighten up the information. They can engage and enjoy while learning more about the Solar system.

Its Ideal and entertaining for the age group of Kindergarten and Pre-Schoolers. With lovely visuals and catchy tunes, its perfectly timed to attract the young audience and give about the right amount of knowledge.